Welcome to All Insurances Services Ltd

As the name suggests, we offer advice on all your insurance needs and back it up with continued top service. Enjoy the feeling that your advisor is always putting you first and offering solutions that are easily understood!

Our priority is assisting you in identifying personal risks, talking through cover options so you can make informed decisions, then placing the cover you select with a recommended insurance company.

We also advise on and facilitate placing mortgages and general insurances such as house, contents, vehicle and business, through chosen professional groups located in our own office. Clients like the “one stop shop” concept, as these areas all interrelate and are part of the overall risk identification process.

Clients enjoy full presentation of recommended covers so they can make an informed decision on the required products which are then put in place with selected insurance companies.

We are happy to come to your location to listen to your needs, provide advice and give ongoing service. We measure our success by positive feedback from clients!