Progressive Care


Progressive Care represents the new generation in Trauma Insurance, offering comprehensive cover for 62 medical conditions. It is designed to pay a lump sum should you be diagnosed with a critical illness. This can pay out earlier than traditional Trauma insurance giving you financial support when you need it, and on a scale in line with the severity of your medical condition. The more serious, the larger the payout.

What are the benefits of having Progressive Care?

  • It pays out so you can seek early treatment that could prevent the condition from becoming worse.
  • You don’t have to wait until the illness or injury is life threatening before making a claim.
  • Progressive Care covers 62 medical conditions across five categories (Heart & Arteries, Cancer, Brain & Nerves, Loss of Function and “Other” health events), all at various rates of severity.
  • When your policy commences, the sum assured is the same for each of the categories.
  • It is possible that over time you could claim more than your original sum assured.

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