F.A.Q's - Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you place business with more than one insurance company?
    Yes, similar to a broker, we choose appropriate products from various insurance companies.
  • Do you charge me for your services?
    No, we provide our time and expertise without charge to you, our product suppliers pay us for business placed to them.
  • Do I have to come to your office for service?
    No, we will come to your home or place of work, which is part of the personal service we offer.
  • Will I ever hear from you again after signing for my first policy?
    Yes, we enjoy regular communication with our clients including the offer of an annual service call.
  • Do you have written testimonials?
    Yes, available on request as attached.
  • What qualifications do you hold?
    Our members hold accreditation certificates in the products we provide; also we are members of Industry Professional Bodies and all carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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